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The 40th Reunion of the 206
Photo Album

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Classmates in the pictures below are listed left to right.  Anyone knowing the name of an unidentified classmate, please email it.

40-49.jpg (92729 bytes))
Richie Smith, Dave Huffnagle
40-48.jpg (66768 bytes)
George Alt, Marv Kromash

40-47.jpg (85473 bytes)
Rich Smith, Bill Goldberg,
Joel Stoloff

40-46.jpg (58512 bytes)
Al First, Dave August,
Jerry Choder

40-45.jpg (62673 bytes)
Richie Coates, Harry Obedin
40-44.jpg (87553 bytes)
Mel Suplee, Stan Basickes

40-43.jpg (59593 bytes) 
Barry Lichtman, Art Karafin

40-42.jpg (90984 bytes)
Seated: Mario Clement,
Rich Christine, Joe Tordella 
Standing: Tom Dulin 
40-41.jpg (72225 bytes)
Steve Arbittier,
Bernie Dischler
40-40.jpg (78171 bytes)
Barry Waxman, Dave August,
Rich Wells, Malcolm Orloff,
Dave Fishman, Steve Harmelin
40-01.jpg (73704 bytes)
Marv Kromash, Jim Kelch,
Tim Jenkins

40-01a.jpg (73417 bytes) 
Joe Miller, Alan Silberstein

40-02.jpg (67654 bytes) 
Dave Fishman

40-02a.jpg (60327 bytes) 
Steve Arbittier, Bennett Shapiro

40-03.jpg (63825 bytes)
Steve Goldstein

40-04a.jpg (55430 bytes)
Rich Pisut, Gil Duritz,
Bob Spiegelman, Tom Dulin

40-05.jpg (63299 bytes)
Bob Weinstock, Paul Nutkowitz

40-05a.jpg (102264 bytes)
Seated: Marty Leshner, ___?
Standing: Alan Silberstein,
Mel Driban, Herman Sander

40-06.jpg (60790 bytes)
Bob Hendrickson, Ralph Heims


40-07.jpg (68662 bytes)
Bart Blinder

40-07a.jpg (65518 bytes)
Murray Eisenberg

40-08.jpg (69865 bytes)
Dave Huffnagle

40-08a.jpg (70215 bytes)
Nick Salerno, Barry Lichtman,
Malcolm Orloff, Art Karafin

40-09.jpg (82224 bytes)
Seated: Bart Blinder,
Chuck Tappert, Aaron Libson
Standing: Richie Coates, ___?, Bob Tabachnikoff

40-10.jpg (67560 bytes)
Steve Arbittier

40-10a.jpg (79913 bytes)
Len Smiley, Saul Portner,
Steve Goldstein, Bob Wallner

40-11.jpg (66654 bytes)

40-11a.jpg (82982 bytes)
Mike Schick, Nick Salerno

40-12.jpg (77822 bytes)
Harv Becker

40-13.jpg (71048 bytes)
Ron Mackie, Norm Fein,
George Alt, Dave Horowitz

40-13a.jpg (80003 bytes)
Bennet Shapiro, Bernie Dischler

40-14.jpg (76931 bytes)
Barry Waxman, Marv Kromash,
Art Karafin

40-14a.jpg (81380 bytes)
Joe Tordella, Mort Schulman

40-15.jpg (78969 bytes)
Rich Wells, Mario Clement,
Dave Horowitz, Rich Christine

40-36.jpg (79058 bytes)
Bruce Schwartz, Rich Christine, Andy Schultz, Rich Pisut

40-26.jpg (85295 bytes)
Tim Jemkins, Jim Kelch,
Charlie Tappert

40-27.jpg (85060 bytes)
Seated: Jm Kelch, Tim Jenkins, Stan Basickes, Bob Weinstock
Standing:  Phil Leifer,
Frank J. Hall

40-28.jpg (89075 bytes)
Seated: Rich Kessel,
Bob Spiegelman, Gil Duritz, Mort Schulman
Standing: __?, Bruce Schwartz

40-29.jpg (83831 bytes)
Bob Wallner, Harry Obedin,
Bruce Schwartz

40-30.jpg (89118 bytes)
Len Smiley,  Mike Schick

40-31.jpg (74995 bytes)
Rich Russman, Ralph Heims,  ___?

40-32.jpg (92576 bytes)
Seated: BernieDischler,
Bruce Rubin, Ron Segal
Standing:  Art Karafin,
Bob Mogil

40-33.jpg (87085 bytes)
Saul Portner, Steve Goldstein

40-34.jpg (78144 bytes)
Jim Kelch, Bob Tabachnikoff

40-35.jpg (73396 bytes)
Seated: Howard Katz,
Steve Goldstein, Len Smiley, Nick Salerno, Marshall Bobrin
Standing:  Barry Lichtman,
Bob Wallner, Bob Stern

40-37.jpg (69423 bytes)
Bob Tabachnikoff,
Len Smiley, Steve Goldstein

40-39.jpg (78057 bytes)
Rich Kessel, Dave Grabel

40-38.jpg (77234 bytes)
Bob Stern, Charles Tappert, Dave Fishman

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