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51st "Mini" Reunion
Sat. Oct. 27, 2007
12 noon
1905 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Very informal; no program

Candids - 51st Reunion


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"Telegrams"  from Classmates 

Bob Solomon-
Give my best to all. Be well and ENJOY!  I'll hoist a cognac for the 206.  With all its flaws, CHS was as good as it got in '52, and the 206ers, a helluva crew.  I feel fortunate to have been there with those boys and teachers, and I always wanted to end my career teaching there.

Jack Taylor-
Thanks for the invite.  I won't be able to attend.  Say hi for me.

Bart Blinder-
I would love to come, if it were feasible --  distance, time and family/professional obligations prohibit at this time. Believe it or not a deep part of me still wishes I were living in Philly.

Bob Tabachnikoff-
The wellspring for words of wisdom has dried up long ago. I am learning to listen more and talk less. The reunion last year was a great time for me and I was truly sad when it was over. I didn't know at the time that I had an intra cranial tumor or that I would be paralyzed in May. So maybe I did get some wisdom: when you have your health you have everything, and when you lose it you have nothing. Fortunately I am getting stronger and can walk again working on my stamina. As i return to normal (was i ever normal?) I will probably start talking more again and listening less -- too bad. Every once in a while I get phone calls or notes from "duh boys" and it always lifts my spirits. It is strange that voices don't change. Although we are septuagenarians our voices still sound like teenagers. Although I enjoy my music and my family, I wish I lived closer to Philadelphia. I love New Hampshire but I have no history here and my friends are so damn grown up. Please take me off your worry list, Although I am not doing the tango, I can stroll (I can't walk and chew gum at the same time). I am grateful for my progress but impatient with Physical therapy, occupational therapy, pool therapy, massage therapy, etc. I have become very high maintenance enough already.  Please thank everyone for their good wishes. Incidentally I have known Harvey Becker since he was five years old at Blue Mt. Camp and I am pleased he is so active in 206 affairs. Thanks to all of you who work hard to keep us linked to each other. Can you believe we were so smart as to elect Bob Stern to be our president? Go ahead and embarrass him-give him a big hug for me at the mini reunion.


A superb lunch was served, cooked to order as chosen from a variety of menu offerings.

Conversation and Reminiscing
Lunch was followed by a an hour or so catching up with talk of the way it was and roads yet to be traveled.

Next Year
We will do it all again in 2008

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